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Unified Communications platform has proved attractive to businesses seeking for a scalable and robust platform on which they can collaborate with clients, staff, or third-party correspondents to grow.

What Unified Communication Encompasses
Unified messaging: voice communication, email, fax, etc.
Real-time communications: Support real-time systems such as conferencing, instant messaging, etc.
Data services: Information delivery such as online services
Transactions: Covers all online transactions made through web or systems
With our comprehensive solutions leveraging the power of UC technology, you’ll get a tailored and result-driven solution set to bring a difference to your organization.
What’s more, our solution incorporates voice and data communications, messaging, and customer management features; meaning you get more value from one easily manageable platform.

Businesses in need of high optimizing communication, improving workplace efficiency, and achieving success are adopting this platform to accomplish their goals. With Unified Communications (UC), businesses have multiple communication methods which is key to boosting productivity and gaining efficiency. This technology brings together all communications methods within the business (phone calls, video conferencing, email, etc.) and enables your staff to use them in one system – making workplace communication more efficient.

At Northfront Technologies Limited, we are dedicated to enhancing communication and collaboration in your business easier and more efficient with UC technology. Whether you need to ease communication among coworkers across your company or between partner firms, we can enable this connectivity.